Supplier Responsibility

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                  Supplier Responsibility

                  Suppliers are critical partners in Corning’s value chain. We expect our suppliers to follow the same principles and laws that we do regarding fair treatment of workers, providing a safe and healthy work environment, and operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

                  Supplier Code of Conduct

                  Corning maintains the highest levels of integrity in all of our business relationships. Our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is available in 13 different languages, ensures that our supplier partners share our standards for business integrity and ethics.?

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                  Statement on Human Trafficking and Slavery in Supply Chains

                  (Published in Compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chain and United Kingdom Modern Slavery Acts)
                  Corning?is committed to policies and procedures that assure human rights compliance in our operations and in our supply chain. This includes oversight to identify and avoid all types of slavery and human trafficking, including forced labor, child labor, sex trafficking and workplace abuse.

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                  Compliance with Customs Law

                  Corning Incorporated requires full compliance with U.S. Customs law. Whenever Corning is the U.S. Importer of Record, we enlist the assistance of our foreign suppliers to ensure full compliance. Complete instructions for all suppliers regarding compliance with U.S. import requirements can be found on the?Corning Routing Guide page.

                  Transaction Requirements

                  Suppliers play an important role to ensure purchase transactions accurately represent contractual requirements, are error free, and facilitate timely payments. Corning’s policies require that all goods and/or services be purchased using an approved Purchase Order or P-Card.

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                  Payment Options

                  Corning encourages the use of electronic funds transfer, as part of the enrollment process you can choose to utilize electronic banking or have us send you a check.

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                  Supplier Training

                  To promote social responsibility within its supply chain, Corning provides ongoing training to its management leadership and employees, as well as supply chain partners.

                  Supply Chain Social Responsibility Supplier Training – In the Fall 2019, Corning will launch awareness training for its strategic preferred supplier on slavery and human trafficking to ensure Corning’s supply chains reflect our values and respect human rights. High risk suppliers are currently being trained on these subjects as part of our third-party audit program.

                  Information Security Policy and Procedures Supplier Training?– This e-briefing focuses on our Rules of Engagement, which define suppliers’ responsibilities for protecting Corning restricted information.

                  GSM IS Policy and Procedure Supplier Training (Use Internet Explorer):

                  English? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Japanese? ?? ?? ? ? ? ?Korean? ? ? ? ??Simplified Chinese? ?? ? ?Traditional Chinese??

                  Supplier IS Policy and Procedure Summary (Use Internet Explorer):

                  English? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Japanese? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Korean? ? ? ? ??Simplified Chinese?? ? ? ?Traditional Chinese??

                  The selection and onboarding process is the best time to ensure that Corning Values and the values of our suppliers are aligned. As part of the selection process, suppliers are screened to identify potential risks early and ensure that suppliers meet Corning’s standards, including those related to supply chain social responsibility.

                  Download Library

                  For more information regarding Corning’s supplier policies, procedures, and guidelines, visit the Download Library.

                  Policies & Statements

                  Policies & Statements

                  Supplier Code of Conduct

                  Our supplier code of conduct sets the standard for how Corning and its supplier partners around the world work together to develop and deliver products and services responsibly.

                  Conflict Minerals Policy

                  We strive to ensure that our supply chain fulfills our commitment to respect human rights through responsible sourcing practices.?

                  Human Trafficking and Slavery

                  Corning?is committed to policies and procedures that promote human rights compliance in our operations and in our supply chain.?

                  Human Rights Policy

                  At Corning, we pledge to uphold the highest standards for fundamental human rights and view them as a key component?of a socially responsible supply chain.


                  Data Privacy Policy

                  Protecting the privacy of personal and business data within our supplier network is a key priority at Corning.

                  Information Security Policy

                  The purpose of this policy is to minimize the risk of Corning confidential information being lost or stolen through interactions with suppliers, contractors, and consultants.

                  Grievance Hotline

                  Suppliers, and other relevant stakeholders, can submit any questions or report any violation or grievance to Corning's confidential and anonymous Code of Conduct Line 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

                  (Country Code) +1-888-296-8173 or online at?

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